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Exo (prologue)
in a forest 18 year old male is walking in he stumbles across a old rundown abandoned test lab covered in moss and greenery with broken windows and cracks on the building
??? : What the hell is this place?
the male walks in and begins looking around the place with a flashlight activated on his headgear before finding a unlocked room with a couple of monitors and a lone terminal before walking in the room and examining said room
A female A.I. hologram about 12 inches appears watching old test footage from the terminal
~: It has been 20 years since I was first activated by my creators on July 15th 2009 to take care of the subjects, most of the subjects have either graduated, left on their own free will with their memories of this project hidden deep in their minds or have been terminated.... *sighs* After the project was finished everyone who worked on project: Exo begun a ne
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Ciana/Terminal Internal Assistant :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 3 0 Zachary the hedgehog [details in description] :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 4 0 screw the title name :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 3 0 Miitomo :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 0 0 Dust (persona) :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 4 3 somewhat true :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 2 3 Skeleton Personas Cringe :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 2 0 Energy AR :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 1 0 don't know what to name the title :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 3 0 Adoptable (purple/magenta glow) [OPEN] :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 2 1 CSGO weapons updated :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 0 0 Destiny screenshot :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 3 0 Minecraft Statue of my skin :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 0 0 Xavier Asano (SAO OC) :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 1 0 CSGO weapons :iconxsentinelxgaming99x:XSentinelxGaming99X 1 0
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Welcome to my profile, that's all I have to say

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Fuck You (VENT) :iconkellysquee:KellySquee 24 2
It's 2017 and your still pulling the same shit
Hello everyone I'm here to tell you my ViscerotonicTSF story
now keep in mind the story is about a year and a half old. So I wouldn't use it in an arguement against her. I'm just telling this story to show she's still pulling the same shit. I will be providing screenshots but there from my phone sorry.
So Vis used to be in an old G+ groups that's no longer up because it turned to shit. "The YouTube Crew" long story short Vis left because she didn't like the fact we couldn't swear; when she left she also sounded like she took a grain of salt. (Like she sounded super snarky and said the group was boring and what not.) Now dispite all this I still wanted to be friends with her. I loved her art and I thought she was really cool! (Keep in mind I was 13.) So I decided to draw a picture for her. Nothing to bad it was me on top of her (In a non-sexual and or violent way) and she said "get off" and I was saying "never" with a kitty mouth -> :3. I wrote on the post "Me and Viscerotonic relat
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my username is Sentinel #6141 if anyone has Discord
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nevermind this one is the last status I'll say to Vis for now

I hate to be THAT guy but compared to Vis and "him", Vis is much more worse as in, a higher jackass than compared to "him" is that unlike Vis, "he" doesn't false DMCA and drag on the drama for a long time

there I said it

I apologize in advance just in case I accidentally anger someone

now as I said before if people start shit with me again, then fuck you too I don't have time for your bull and that only applies to people who started shit with me before
This will probably be my final status post towards ViscerotonicTSF but if I hear more people get falsely banned by her

I will not hold back

so Vis, here's my probably final response to you

ViscerotonicTSF goddammit Vis

Goddammit Vis...that status was from yesteday but this deviation from today....Why'd you do it? I honestly lost all faith in you, your nothing but a cheap bitch, a tracer which you keep denying but it's the truth you are a tracer and a fucking liar

HA-HAHA-!! FUCK YOU VIS! by KellySquee
unblocking people because I don't want to hold a grudge for long as fuck, I've moved on from that, but if people start shit with me after the unblocking, then fuck you too I don't have time for your bull


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